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Benham School House Inn

Our History

The Inn was built in 1926 by Wisconsin Steel Corporation (later known as International Harvester) as a high school and elementary school for coal camp children. At that time, the school was considered very progressive with amenities that were unheard of in mountain schools. For example, the coal company supplemented salaries in order to attract the best possible teachers. The last high school class graduated in 1961, but the building continued to be used as an elementary school until 1992. A year later, work began to transform the historical building into a country inn and restaurant. Today, the Inn is considered one of the premier tourist stops in the region. Although elegant and comfortable, the Inn has stayed true to its schoolhouse roots. The lockers painted dark green still exist. The room numbers each stand for a graduating class. Some of the rooms have the same wood floors where students once learned their ABCs.

Location & Directions

Benham Schoolhouse Inn
100 Central Avenue
Benham, KY 40807

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