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Explore the unique world of a coal mining town and the lives of people who worked in the coal industry. The Kentucky Coal Museum invites visitors to experience for themselves the rich history of coal mining in Eastern Kentucky.

While at the museum guests can explore exhibits on four levels that showcase a complete picture of the lives of the people who worked in the coal industry and their families. Guests can experience life as a coal miner through the exhibits with explain how coal is made and used, mining tools and safety equipment, and of course a mock mine located on the lower level of the museum.

The exhibits in the Kentucky Coal Museum extensively studied and researched down to bring out visitors a unique and factual story about the work and life of the coal miner and their family. These details tell a story the story of thousands of workers from the Deep South and Eastern Europe who traveled to the mountains of Eastern Kentucky to build better lives for their families.

Experience the history of coal mining in Kentucky as it comes alive before your eyes. Join your friends and family on this exciting adventure!